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On evening 26/3 Tilda and Wilmer became parents of 5 healthy puppy’s. 1 boy and 4 girls After a long night waiting for more puppies and off to veterinary in the middle of night because ultrasound at vet did say 9 pups it was confirmed there was no more left. Tilda is a good mother and look after her baby’s very well. And dinner is served in bed to the Queen.

Proud mommy with her newborn puppies

Tilda is doing a great job. Attentive but relaxed. When we have to handle the 4 1/2 days old pups she doesn't mind, but keeps a very close eye on things. Our puppies are weighed daily to ensure a steady gain.

Week 0 - 1

Week 1 - 2

By the end of their first week our pups are beginning to change. Front legs are able to support their weight making it easier to seek out mum and the next milk feed. At this stage our pups still can’t hear but they begin to sense vibrations. Tilda is doing an excellent job at keeping them round. Puppies are starting to interact with each other, it is adorable to watch. 
At around 14 days old our pups will start to open their eyes. The world around them will be fuzzy to begin with but their sight will soon improve and help them discover their world.
Enjoy their weekly photo updates!

Week 2 - 3

S-litter is now 14 day’s this evening. Eyes are now open on all 5 puppies. Unstable on legs but try to walk..begin to explore the world a bit but much eat and sleep yet. Mother Tilda takes really good care of her babies 🥰

Week 3 - 4

Last day in whelpingbox today. This evening we move downstairs thow we begin to need more space to play. And... is to curious of what’s happening outside so we don’t fall over. They see and hear now, begin to small growl and bark.

Moved downstairs to bigger place to play on. They play more and more with each other but still much sleep. Tasted food at first time wich the liked at once.

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